Putting you on track for success


If you’re looking for no-nonsense, real-time advice for your organisation… You’re in the right place!

At Lawson Avery, our core focus is to provide accurate and timely advice to enable our clients to make the best decisions.

We have a wide range of services which we utilise to better the outcomes of our clients.



We believe it’s our job to work closely with clients to get results that matter to them. We love to get involved in your business and truly understand what you are trying to achieve.


We have a large amount of experience in taking commercial businesses to the next level. We can provide options on how to create more efficiency’s in your organisation by reviewing your systems and offering alternatives. 

Small Business Accounting

Our passion is to provide business owners with information that can help them save them time, create efficiency’s, and grow their business. You can count on us

Business Advisory

Ready to take your business to the place you dream of?  We pride ourselves on being able to help you make educated decisions based on your financial data. Our business advisors take a strategic approach to your business. We analyse trends, work through future-proofing scenarios, help you budget, gain finance and more!

What our clients say

LOVE LOVE LOVE their training and the introduction of Hubdoc. They understand how a small business works, they get that there are sooo many different directions you get pulled in one day so reducing the admin, data entry and paper collections by using software like hubdoc and xero are amazing.

If you want a friendly, professional but personal accounting experience then you are in for a treat. They make accounting lingo make sense to the non-accounting brain.

They get small business and can help you improve and reduce the time spent on your day to day accounting needs, but help plan for realistic goals and cashflows using their advantage of knowing, living in and understanding your industry and your community.