At Lawson Avery we understand that commercial firms have a far greater variety of issues than small or medium sized firms. Often the business has grown faster than the previous processes could handle. Sometimes the current reporting systems are not providing relevant timely data or perhaps there old strategy is no longer working and some further planning is required.

Our experienced qualified staff are able to handle these and other issues by providing a high quality and professional service to many commercial firms. If there is something outside of our area of expertise we are able to connect to our wide variety of networks to assist in bringing in that expertise.


Owning a small or medium sized business can mean a lot of time spent on processes and compliance. At Lawson Avery we understand this and make it our objective to make these areas as simple as possible for the owners. This means providing quality technology solutions and relevant reports to enable the business owners to make the best decisions for their business.

Lawson Avery currently provides a large number of services to small/medium sized business such as annual compliance, tax compliance, strategic planning, preparation and analysis of monthly reports, due diligence reports, payroll services, software conversions and many more.

We provide services across a number of industries including construction, retail, transport, automotive, food and beverage, technology, printing, medical, design and professional service firms.


We have a great deal of experience in dealing with the agriculture industry. Our qualified team will ensure that you meet all of your Inland Revenue obligations regarding income tax, GST, PAYE, FBT and any other tax obligations. We will also prepare well-presented and easy to understand financial statements to assist with your decision making and any banking requirements that you may have.

On top of the monthly or annual reporting that we can provide we will also provide up to date advice on your technology options and help you implement any changes so you can spend more time improving your businesses performance. When necessary we will meet to discuss common issues in your industry such as expansion, capital expenditure, cash flow and succession planning.

Currently we provide services for the sheep and beef, dairy, viticulture, cropping and beekeeping industries across New Zealand.

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