The grass is greener where you water it.


At Lawson Avery we believe its our job to work closely with clients to get results that matter to them. We love to get involved in your business and truly understand what you are trying to achieve.


Accurate & Timely Information

This includes Annual Reports, monthly cash flows, benchmarking and farm statistics.

Get "Bank Ready"

This means we ensure that if you need to borrow more funds for working capital or to purchase a block of land at the last minute, you are ready to present your case to the bank TODAY

If you don’t plan, you plan to fail

We assist in preparing annual budgets and reviewing them to make sure everything is in order.

Technology Assistance

We provide set up and training for most types of Software you would use such as Xero/Figured, Farm Focus and Paysauce. We also introduce you to new software such as Hubdoc where we believe you can save time.


Yours is an industry that relies heavily on the success of living things. Pasture, Crops, Livestock etc. 

We help our agricultural clients plant the seeds of success by equipping them with financial data they can understand, and use to their advantage.

What our clients say

LOVE LOVE LOVE their training and the introduction of Hubdoc. They understand how a small business works, they get that there are sooo many different directions you get pulled in one day so reducing the admin, data entry and paper collections by using software like hubdoc and xero are amazing.

If you want a friendly, professional but personal accounting experience then you are in for a treat. They make accounting lingo make sense to the non-accounting brain.

They get small business and can help you improve and reduce the time spent on your day to day accounting needs, but help plan for realistic goals and cashflows using their advantage of knowing, living in and understanding your industry and your community.