The difference between Extraordinary and Ordinary, is just that little bit “Extra”

As proactive accountants, we provide new ideas and challenge the status quo.

We have a large amount of experience in taking commercial businesses to the next level. As larger organisations we understand that you often have in house employees to assist with the basic accounting requirements and therefore we see our role as to add value in different ways.


Let's get efficient

We can provide options as to how to create more efficiency’s in your organisation by reviewing your systems and offering alternatives. For example we offer data entry, invoice creation, payroll and monthly reporting solutions

It’s OUR business to know YOUR business

This means we analyse your numbers to look at improving gross margins and cash flow forecasting. We can also benchmark your business against similar industries using information we collect.

Look ahead not behind

As a progressive firm we aim to look forward to see where your business is heading and offer advice that will change your outcomes rather than report your outcomes. This means we prefer to get more involved during the year rather than after the year.

Tax advice

We provide up to date tax advice to ensure that you are accounting for tax correctly minimising any use of money interest charges from the IRD


Our experienced qualified team are able to navigate to complexities of a large enterprise.

We provide a high quality and professional service to many commercial firms across NZ.

If there is something outside of our area of expertise we are able to connect to our wide variety of networks to assist in bringing in that expertise.

What our clients say

LOVE LOVE LOVE their training and the introduction of Hubdoc. They understand how a small business works, they get that there are sooo many different directions you get pulled in one day so reducing the admin, data entry and paper collections by using software like hubdoc and xero are amazing.

If you want a friendly, professional but personal accounting experience then you are in for a treat. They make accounting lingo make sense to the non-accounting brain.

They get small business and can help you improve and reduce the time spent on your day to day accounting needs, but help plan for realistic goals and cashflows using their advantage of knowing, living in and understanding your industry and your community.