Lawson Avery Agriculture Accountancy

We have a great deal of experience in dealing with the agriculture industry. Our qualified team will ensure that you meet all of your Inland Revenue obligations regarding income tax, GST, PAYE, FBT and any other tax obligations.

We will also prepare well-presented and easy to understand financial statements to assist with your decision making and any banking requirements that you may have.

On top of the monthly or annual reporting that we can provide we will also provide up to date advice on your technology options and help you implement any changes so you can spend more time improving your businesses performance.

When necessary we will meet to discuss common issues in your industry such as expansion, capital expenditure, cash flow and succession planning.

Currently we provide accountant agriculture services for the sheep and beef, dairy, viticulture, cropping and bee-keeping industries across New Zealand.

35781324 - greymouth, new zealand, january 14, 2014: farmers harvest a crop of triticale for silage on a west coast dairy farm, south island, new zealand
44243974 - vineyard with ripe grapes in countryside at sunset
43930472 - sheep and cows

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