On 30th June 2021, we returned to our renovated, state-of-the-art modernised premises at 11 Cole Street. On the same day 44 years ago, Hollis, Stratton, Lawson, and Avery had just moved into the newly built original building in 1977!

We’re thrilled with the renovation and the lovely touches of whimsy. At the entrance is a giant one-cent coin embedded into the paving stones, and the living moss wall is a feature at the end of the hallway.

You’ll find lots of other special touches when you come and visit us- the space is a joy to work in and we enjoy seeing people’s delight when they visit for the first time!

Come and say hi and have take advantage of our free drop-in days every Wednesday from 9am-noon. We’re at 11 Cole Street Masterton.